November 25, 2011

seems too much?? For me not. Love is when you looked like amnesia that there are 3 billion people in world and you're only thinking about 1. He got me amnesia !!! This heart will always belong to you, No matter how bad and how much you did hurt me. So i really do want you

November 19, 2011

yeahhhhhhh !!! A must ACTIVITY !!! that hamster looks worried, don't worry

this is my problem, he definitely CONQUERS ME !!! 


November 19, 2011 Tambah Komentar

Breeze on my face
the sound of waves breaking
that sand was cold
the sun emits its warm light and soft
Birds looked happy with his partner
he frolicked and exchange feelings,
so damn beautiful.
The sun still friendly
lonely and alone here,
only birds and the clouds between the blue sky thats giving accompany
seemed to know how I feel.

And you teach me about what is pain. Hellooo? Can anybody explain me Why this word called "PAIN"must be exist in this world?? don't lecture me beib, more you take me there more it will be paining. What must i do with you huhhhhh??? I wanna LEAVE !!, But i'm not strong enuf to do it! Its still being said that you are still my happiness but,, ermmmmmm i HATE that feeling. Once i tried not think about you feeling like angry, then whatttt? In morning after wake up again thinking of you....and so much very sad landed in my heart. But with or without you all i get is heart full of pain!! So much pain. . . . .!! My heart is like in a cage and a knife is stabbed in, and its really bleeding heavilyyy,,,, ermm yeah not so feel good to share this thing in here. from some months ago, my life is full of sorrow. Sorrow with that condition of heart, so really really pathetic heart. Dear Heart I'm sorry, even a very intelligent doctor can never help it. And then tadaaaaaa here i am still crying over and over again for You only For you. This tears just can't be count. If you talk bout TIRED ohhh yesh i'm so TIRED,T-I-R-E-D totally TIRED

November 17, 2011

why you so far away...
I Miss You
Can you accompany me to play football?
". . . . . ."
can I take your picture?
walking alone
i will teach you about love maths


November 12, 2011