March 13, 2011

I know, I am nothing in Allah's eyes. I know, I am not one who is clever and smart in praying. I knows, in this world everyone belongs to Allah.

From now too, I want to understand what is life; I don't want to think another than Allah, I want to learn how to love Allah and his rasul and nabi,

but. . I'm also a human being who is never far from mistakes
YA ALLAH please forgive all ny mistakes and mistakes of family too, I am now your slave Allah. I want to be close to you. I want your help in every struggle in life. I am only your weak creature. I now wait for your call, enter me in your heaven.

March 12, 2011

Seeing my face on mirror, realized what was happening, its enough the tears i wasted, must wake up and stand up, give spirit to self, whatever happened life must go on, realized life is not always flat, realized that there are many things that we can do, not always cry, being alone, and cry. dinny must wake up, build a big power on heart, dinny is not alone, say that to heart, fight it. Even it hurts and hard, There many love in this world, don't see world as a big war. Dinny can do it dinny can do it !

#Melihat wajah di cermin, menaungi apa apa yang tlah trjadi, sudah cukup air mata ini, sadar dan harus bangkit, beri smangat sama diri sendiri, apa pun yg terjadi life must go on, sadar kalo hidup gak slalu flat, sadar kalo msih banyak yang bisa di kerjakan gak cuman nangis, menyepi, dan menyendiri, dini harus bangkit. Fight it. Tata hati supaya ga trlalu sedih. Meskipun sakit dan berat, dini gak sendiri, ingat itu dlam hati, msih byak cinta di dunia ini. Dini bisa, dini pasti bisa.

i put him in my heart, he was, he is, and he will always be my everything, my fren, my bestfren, and my life too,

i can't say my life is only for him, why this happened when everything was in control, i can't forgive but who i can't forgive,

i wana turn back time, when there was nothing, only his love and nothing could change this, nothing could cut this, nothing gonna take him from me.

now nothing is wit me, nothing same like before, all are like gone, i'm alone , i'm lonely, i'm the loneliness,

my all pray for him, i belive all will be ok