September 28, 2011


hmm did you see its a gladly smiling?? I don't even know. What i'm feeling now its not even a matter for you. I don't know what you feel rite now. I don't know what to do. I promised to my self not to share sadness, from now i only want to share happiness,, brahahahahah eat my laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!

A relationship ?? Hahahah, what you think about it??? Take Years to build, and its destroyed only within 1 second, how silly!! Years by now i've learnt many thing about life. They say don't expect too much, better get a surprise than get a heart break in the end. Now we learn how to love because of Allah. Everything we do, say, and love is all becoz of Allah. So when Allah take it no one will get hurt becoz we do it for Allah.

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