December 11, 2011

Little Note

uum WeLL, i have little note that i always write when something just i can't show and its little important to being published :D,becoz whenever i write down my feeling i feel little better. you guys can read?? Absolutely not rolling on the floor this one little old. And my note is messed up . And again its in Indo language guys i'll just translate some words that you guys who aren't indonesian can understand

Okay let's get started

21 nov 2011
sedih... Sedih ini gak berujung, kapan kamu terakhir nangis? Last nite, yesh LastNITE !!! Air mata kembali menetes. Kenapa kau tidak membunuh ku saja? Aku capek letih lesu lemah, nah loh? Anemia dong! Wkwk. . . Rasanya pengen mati, nyadar sih, yang ngomong gitu cuma orang yang lagi frustasi aja, tapi kan aku lagi frustasi. Frustasi tingkat presiden barack obama neh, jengjeng *e kunti e bencong* nah loh latah! Dah sih segitu aja.

Oky, this my note just telling that i was very sad , sad without an ending. When i cried last time?? Last nite yes last nite, my tears flow again. Why didn't he just kill me?? I'm tired tired tired totally tired. Feel like wanna DIE. I know only frustrated people say that. But now i think i'm one OF them. I'm frustrated so damn frustrated.

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