March 6, 2018

BT21 Smart Keyboard Theme + Faster #Hashtag Twitter Vote (android)

BT21 keyboard

hello~ if you're new to my blog, this is a theme/skin special for Smart Keyboard app. so to use this BT21 theme you need a 3rd party keyboard app named 'Smart Keyboard' but well you can download the APK ►►here (1.6mb) .

the app is actually a paid app. you can support the developer by purchasing it from Google Play, it is very cheap tho.

don't worry about the app. it is confirmed safe and very fun to use. it's also lighter than any keyboard app you have tried as well.

ok well, you can download the skin/theme ►►here

P.S. the usefull auto-text can be used for any voting seasons using #hashtag in twitter or any other platforms. scroll down below for more infos

after you're done installing the apk. and done downloading the theme file. 
1. take a look at your internal memory if you already have a "skins" folder then skip this step. if you have not. then create a folder named "skins" in your internal memory. so the folder will look like this 

2. you can now copy or move the zip file you've downloaded in to that folder. (don't extract the zip)
3. go to smart keyboard app. or you can hold the 123 button and it will bring you go inside the app. and then choose 'general setting' > 'choose skin' > BT21. and  done. you can now see your theme/skin have changed to BT21. ;)

there are 2 version of this. 

#1 try holding your enter button. if an emoji tab is shown after that then you're free to use it that way.

#2 you might try this as well
1. open smart keyboard app, or you can hold 123 button and it will bring you go inside the app.
2. follow my picture bellow 
*open pic for HQ

*so it is up to you. which one is better for your personal use :)

Smart Keyboard App For Faster Voting
so yes, the auto-text is very useful to vote faster when a voting season comes.
open your smart keyboard app or hold 123 button and it will bring you go inside the app. then you can watch my video below how to use auto-text.

Smart Keyboard App For A Fun Use
KAOMOJI. do you know kaomoji? yes, kaomoji is japanese emoticon. you can see lots of fellow armys use kaomoji in their tweets and it looks so cute and fun. here are some kaomojis for your review.
add this emoticon in to 'custom autotext' menu. you can find lots of kaomoji from the internet. just write 'kaomoji' as the keyword and it will tell you tons of kaomoji you'll love.

you can save more than one kaomoji in one keyword in the app like this :
so when you write 'smile' there will be some kaomojis shown in your suggestion tab. 

wanna start to have fun? you can download the autotext file ►►here

to apply it to your app
1. extract the zip, copy the 'smartkeyboardpro' folder in to your internal memory
2. open smartkeyboard app, or hold 123 button to quickly open the app. go to 'backup settings' then 'Import AutoText' 
3.  done. you're now free to use the autotext. add your own kaomoji as you desire. 

find your favourite kaomoji in some website like and

hope you enjoy my article :) see ya~

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