November 4, 2012


Illustration that is veryly right to imagine muslim women is, they are like jewellery or most expensive thing. characters of expensive thing are : 
1. You only can find it in high quality shops.
2. It is saved in the transparent box and you can only view it behind the box.
3. It is sealed, can't be opened or even touched.
4. You can't test it.
5. It is expensive with satisfied guaranteed
6.Have a Valid Guaranty 

So in the opposite of expensive things, there is cheap things, the characters are :
1. You can find it in almost every shops.
2. It is not sealed.
3. Cut priced.
4. Free tested.
5. Touched, tested over and over again by many
6. No guaranty.

Hmmm Islam treats their women is nearly like those expensive things. So be proud you who are muslimah and do NOT forget to put on your hijab. You are beautiful, muslimah! Absolutely with your hijab :) 

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