November 2, 2012

O you......

O you whom I always miss,
Your smile never crossed my imagination.
your name already painted in my heart.
but where are you now
you're so far away from me O you who always disturb my inner peace,

Every moment waiting for you quizzically.
Will you going to pick me up?
O you who paralyze my heart;
O you who always haunt my nights,
May your nights are always decorated with serene prostration,
Dissolve in sobs and prayers,
Together with the angels,
So that our love will blossom in the world and the hereafter. O the owner of my ribs,

It seems that The Owner of Secrets still want to keep you,
You walk in the other atmosphere, While I am here.
We are on the same earth.
One day, The Owner of Love will guide our steps,
To walk in His earth.
In the shade of His love ...

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