November 4, 2013

Types of a boyfriend who is not in to serious relationship with you

1. Hiding the status
well he is legally your boyfriend now, but he is telling everyone that he is still single. And scared if anyone knows tht you are his girl.

2. covering himself from you
this one is when hes hiding everything from you, his friends, his family. a silent person who never wanna tell you anything about his days, oh just a covered person !! What you expect from this type of guy??

3. Never talk your bad!!
Huh?? Do you think its good?? Hell no, never point at you! doesnt mean that you are perfect, but he doesnt really care at all. a serious guy, will always take a look at you and give comment if something he doesnt like.

4. Lazy
lazy to answer !! Whatsapp, line, wechat, and so on. needs urrgghhh 1 hour or maybe 6-12 hours after that only he reply you. Oh better get over him.

5. His love light bright shining words !!
Lol. He could make you like a melting ice cream when he tell you his hundred million billion words saying i love you, honey bunney sweety baby doll#$//*!! But trust me,, this type of guy may do the same to some other girls.

6. Never talk about future
This guy who aint planning on your future, never wanna talk about future of both of you. like when he is going to marry you or where will you live after marriage! But beware, those who talk alot, maybe the biggest bullshit that you will ever meet! The more hes giving you 10 thousand promises,,the easier for him to break it !! Planning is good, but see how fast he could fulfill it! Serious guy would not make you wait !!

well girls, this types just turning back to you again. Could be your partner is a covered person but if you could trust him with all of your heart, my words mean nothing. Start from yourself, if you are a serious girl he will automatically be a serious too !! He could love you like never ever if you could treat him like you never treat a guy before. And one advice, dont expect too much. So you wouldnt get upset toomuch too

''Haha lately i like searching this type of article, as i am still feeling like a kid, feeling insecure, doubting and floating. I just wanna be a perfect partner while i know nothing is perfect but Allah. May Allah bless everything in me.

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