February 28, 2014

Line I Love Coffee

Introducing my favourite game which I just cant stop staring it back to back. this game is so addictive powered by LINE. it is about having your own cafe and you can decorate it as you want and watching it grow big and bigger by the time, I am on the level 39. actually I was playing it since last September, but damn it my sister always ruined my game. she drained all of my green money (cash) which is so much important for me. I was really fighting so hard to get 1 by 1 green money. but she used it to something meaningless. I dont know what was she doing. but that was desperating. I was about to buy one cute hair and I must divert it   and then the day after that I was loosing my mood to play, and finally uninstalled it. 

And just on the last December i started to download it again because one of my friend is also playing. I know it since she revived my cafe everyday   and I think to download it again and here I am ~ falling in love again and again every morning I see this game lol~
maybe you are an I Love Coffee player too?? add me my id is ismidinny  see ya there.

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